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In addition to meat, we also offer a variety of locally sourced products. We offer free range eggs, fresh milk, three different flavors of homemade butter, and Bumper Crop Sweet Hot Mustard (for those of you who used to know Bumper Crop). We are constantly looking for more products to bring to the shop so be on the look out for more options! All products are from licensed and certified individuals who put as much time and energy into their products as we do. You won't find anything fresher or tastier than our farm fresh products! Scroll through our items below to find your next purchase! Please note, prices may change so please give us a call to ensure your product is the same price as listed.

Free Range Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs currently come from CCR Ranch located outside of Dayton, WA. They specialize in miniature animals (donkeys, goats, horses, cows, anything you can think of!) as well as free range chickens. Their chickens mostly eat what they find on the ground of the endless acres they have access to, but they also are supplemented by farm raised peas and corn. Get your eggs from these happy layers!

Free Range Chicken Farm
Image by Kelly Neil

One Dozen Eggs: $5.00

18 Eggs: $6.00

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