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Custom Cut & Wrap

Welcome to the Custom Cut & Wrap Page! Here we tell you what our current custom rates are. Custom Cut and Wrap is for customers with their own animal or for those who are buying directly from a rancher. If you wish to purchase 1/4, 1/2 or a whole animal, please contact us at (509) 730-1222 and we will get you in contact with a local rancher with finished animals. 

Please note, all prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to change prices at any time. Reach out with any questions or if you you would like to schedule a slaughter date!


Kill Fee: $150 per animal ($200 for bulls)

Cut and Wrap: $0.85/lb.


Kill Fee: $80 per animal

Cut and Wrap: $1.50/lb.


Kill Fee: $80 per animal

Cut and Wrap: $1.00/lb.

Cure (bacon & ham): $1.00/lb.


Burger Patties: $1.00/lb. (30 lb. minimum)

Pepperoni Sticks: $4.50/lb.

Jerky: $4.50/lb.

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