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Our Products

You ought to know where your meat comes from. At Table Rock Meat Co, we work with whole animals from local farms, so that you can bring home the very best and absolute freshest pasture raised meat Table Rock has to offer. We label all beef we sell with the ranch it comes from so you know what you are eating. Every rancher raises and feeds their beef a little differently, so find what you like and keep ordering from your favorite ranch!

For all other products such as eggs, milk, and butter, we source from local farmers who make or gather their products by hand at their own ranch. Everything we sell is local and handmade from licensed sellers.

About Table Rock

Established in 2021, Table Rock Meat Co. is a custom cut and wrap butcher shop offering gourmet cuts, boxed meat, and smoked meats. Although the shop opened its doors in 2021, the idea for the business had been growing long before establishment. As cattle ranchers, we knew that there was a need for a local, quality butcher shop that could offer more than just the basics. As consumers, we knew we wanted quality and accountability from a butcher shop and so we set out to make that happen. Sourcing from local cattle ranchers in the area, Table Rock Meat Co. controls the quality of the meat we provide from the farm all the way to your table. We took our time to ensure quality control every step of the way, so we pride ourselves on excellent cuts of meat, transparency, and service.

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